Guidant Partners, an award-winning 27-year-old IT planning and management firm based in Nashville, Tennessee, announces the appointment of technology industry executive Randall Dennis as Chief Operating Officer.

With the announcement, Co-Founder and CEO Steve Burgess points to Guidant Partners’ broader strategy to provide enterprise-caliber services to SMBs with Michelle Burgess leading the company’s enhanced Select Impact initiative.

“Guidant Partners has been blessed with consistent growth, and it’s accelerating,” said Steve Burgess. “We recognize the need to ensure our operations provide robust, reliable service capable of scaling to the growth we’re experiencing. Bringing Randall on board emphasizes our commitment to quality.”

Dennis, a technology industry veteran, has been a consultant to CEOs of high-growth companies in the banking, education, entertainment, healthcare and technology sectors. Most recently, he has served as chief strategy officer for an education application development and data analytics firm named to the Inc. 500. Beyond Dennis’ local work, he has served as a speaker and moderator for national events and has been a guest at the White House Safety Datapalooza and White House Education Datapalooza.

“It’s thrilling to serve an organization providing strategic value to businesses, and it’s deeply gratifying to be associated with a team whose culture and values are so well-aligned with my own,” said Dennis. “Guidant Partners’ founders and leadership have built a firm foundation paving the way for future planning and growth. Without their vital work in establishing that bedrock, we could not attain the goals we’ve identified for the next year and beyond.”

The new appointment also marks an exciting shift for Co-Founder and President Michelle Burgess as she focuses her attention on growing Select Impact. Guidant Partners incorporates Select Impact into its own culture and plans to make an announcement in the near future about expanding the initiative.

“In addition to my continued work with the revenue side of business, I am excited to grow my passion for helping others merge people with process through Select Impact,” said Michelle Burgess. “The first step is deciding that you want to make an impact, but through Select Impact, we are able to combine culture with strategy to create a dynamic partnership. Suffice it to say Select Impact is being moved from the drawing board to the launching pad. Stay tuned for a countdown.”